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Hi, I'm Eden. I love how technology connects us, and don't love the way it comes between us. I think the best things in life happen IRL, & I create lean and optimized strategies for people to easily share their wellness content with the world so they can get back to doing what they love.

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I look at your whole system: brand identity, market research, goals and profitability– and help you design and build an appropriate digital strategy for your wellness business. This can include website building, social media management, content creation, digital marketing and search engine optimization. 

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You'll never have to track down your "website guy" again to make a change, announce something exciting, or keep your website/social media as active, lively, and relevant as you are. I teach you how to fish, so you'll feel happy and confident to make changes on your own, should you choose to go that route.

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I come from a tradition of mothers, teachers, chefs, businesses and organizations who find a way to flourish despite limited budgets, thinly stretched personnel and institutional barriers. We practice eagle-eyed focus on the things that directly impact our goals, and leave the rest for a rainy day.


What I Do

  • Content Strategy

  • Copywriting 

  • Website Building

  • Goal Setting + Coaching

  • Digital Strategy

  • Branding + Design


What They Say


"Eden is a brilliant combination of business coach, brand strategist, website designer, graphic designer, and marketing genius. With her guidance, my business has grown beyond my wildest dreams. She has helped me expand my offerings, reach more people and make more money all while staying true to the heart centered values that are at the core of my business. Eden is magic!!"

-Amanda David, Rootwork Herbals


"Eden was quick, thorough, and incredibly motivating to work with. She was always thinking of ways we could enhance, integrate, and synchronize our technology platforms in an effort to boost productivity and sales. She is as creative as she is pragmatic and boasts a surprising breadth of skill sets including graphic design, copywriting, podcast production, social media marketing, and possesses an impressive command of wellness-related content."

- Sophia Ruan Gushée, Practical Nontoxic Living


"Working with Eden has been monumental to the development of my new business, as her intuitive knowledge is spot-on within the context of building a solid foundation of abundant success. Her focused problem solving skills helped ease my worries with easy to apply solutions. Eden’s approach is personal, communicative, and effective in helping to tackle creative conundrums with authenticity and grace. She has helped my business expertise expand organically by assisting with necessary support in a committed, diverse, and professional manner. Her positivity is simply contagious! If you are looking to expand your business through a personalized, empowering experience, look no further. Her commitment to materializing potential is beyond motivating and inspiring. Thank you for helping my dreams to become a reality!"

- Delilah Jones, Truth Magic 



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